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Pilates with Rebecca Class information and cost

class information and cost

Class intensity

Classes can all be designed and changed in order to fit your own ability/preference. I will show options to each exercise so you can fit and personalise the sessions to fit yourself.

Pilates on the ball

Occasionally my 7-8pm class will change to a pilates on the ball class for a few weeks. This is only with complete agreement from all class participants. If Pilates on the ball is something you would like to try then please get in touch.


Classes are mixed ability with both men and women of all ages attending. Reasons for coming along to a Pilates class range from increasing mobility, increasing fitness following an injury and increasing fitness and muscle tone all over.

Class Set up

Mats may be provided but please feel free to bring your own if preferred. Classes will be performed in bare feet or in socks.


Classes are £7.50 pay weekly per session.

Class Times

Tuesday evenings

Claines Parish Hall

6-7pm Mixed ability

7-8pm Mixed ability

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