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Prenatal Pilates with Rebecca


Whether you are a first time mum or whether you have been there, done that and got the button up night dress, my classes are a great excuse to get some light exercise, meet other expectant mothers, relax and learn breathing and relaxation techniques to help you along in pregnancy and childbirth.

The exercises aim to help you strengthen your muscles and joints, improve circulation and help you relax. We will focus on strengthening your core muscles which can reduce strain on your back and improve balance. You will also learn pelvic floor exercises and breathing techniques which have been proven to be helpful during labour and childbirth.

Exercise, such as Pilates, during pregnancy has been proven to reduce labour times, alleviate some of the strain on the body that pregnancy can cause, support a more comfortable pregnancy and birth and provide a good foundation for a swift return to your pre-pregnancy shape.

You wil need an exercise ball to bring along to the classes, these are brilliant to have during pregnancy and are often used in childbirth.  I do have spares so if you would like to borrow one for your first session then please let me know.
The dance studio is at the back of the school. As you drive into the school car park, there are two large wooden gates directly infront of you. Continue through these gates and you will come to a small car park and the entrance to the studio.
Classes are £7.50 per session
Classes are held in the dance studio at Tudor Grange Academy, Bilford Road, Worcester, WR3 8HN
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